Increase Traffic, Leads and Sales using YouTube

What do you need to do to  become successful in making money online?  Just two things — traffic  and conversions.

Sounds simple, right?  Yet, getting large amounts of targeted traffic straight to your website isn’t always easy.  But it does become a piece of cake when you have the right guide to hold you by the hand and take you down this path.

As we know, Google keeps dramatically changing its algorithms for search rankings, and throwing curves to internet entrepreneurs.  So why not concentrate on the one thing that seems to bring traffic regardless of Google’s shenanigans? — VIDEO.

That is exactly why I am focusing here on using Youtube to make money.  I have already shared in earlier posts why YouTube is so critical to online success, and also some of my special tips on how to draw in the cash with YouTube.

I am very excited that I have found something else really useful to share with all of you.  Take a look at this video, and find out exactly how to succeed with Youtube — how to increase traffic, leads, and sales using Youtube.  Make sure you watch all the way through, since the exact 3 step process you need to get more traffic and sales is revealed at the very the end.

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Top 5 Tips for Making Money on YouTube NOW!!

You want to know how to make money with YouTube.  So here they are – my top 5 tips for making money on YouTube.


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1.   Become a YouTube Partner:
When you are a YouTube partner, you can choose to run advertising on your videos, for which you get paid. Per YouTube, the “YouTube Partner Program provides content creators with tools and programs to improve their skills, build their audiences, and monetize their videos.” Up until recently, not everyone could become a YouTube partner — YouTube had some criteria regarding how popular your videos had to be, and so on.  But the great news is that pretty much anyone can become a YouTube partner now, as long as you have at least one video up which qualifies, and you live in a country that is accepted by the YouTube partner program.  Read about the exact requirements on YouTube’s site. You are probably not going to see big money unless you have a lot of views though.  But hey, any money is better than no money, right?  So just choose to monetize your video and go for it!

2.  Create Videos which Promote Specific Products:
Video is one of the most effective ways of communicating with people.  So it follows that it is also one of the most effective ways to convince people to buy stuff which you want them to buy. So pick some product you use and really like, and take a video of exactly how you use it, what its key features are, and so on.  When you upload the video to YouTube, make sure you include an affiliate link to the product, so that viewers of your video have an easy way to buy the product, and you have an easy way to make money!

3.  Use the Space under Videos with Lots of Views:
But you don’t have videos with lots of views, you say? You put up a video, and the only people watching are you, your family and your friends, huh? We’ve all been there.  In another post, I’ll talk about how to increase viewership to your videos in another post — right now we’re talking about making money on YouTube, right?  The quicker thing to do for that purpose is to simply find videos which already have a lot of views, and which aren’t already promoting something.  Contact the owner, and see if they are willing to accept some payment from you, and let you include a link right under their video. Include an affiliate link there, and voila! You may soon be making money on YouTube.

4.  Provide Comments for Videos with Lots of Views:
Another easy way to get eyeballs is to put appropriate comments on videos which have lots of views.  Some videos don’t allow comments, but most do.  And some even allow video comments.  So you can include your own video as a comment on a related video with a lot of views.


5.  Allow People to Make Donations if They Want!
Common sense, right — if people want to pay you, let them!!  Many times we see videos which are truly informative or entertaining or whatever, for which we’d be happy to pay at least a few cents.  But guess what?  There’s no way to do that on most videos.  But you can be different.  You can include a little “Donations accepted” or some such link, through Paypal or something, at the bottom of your video.   That way, if people feel like they want to pay you something, you can accept it graciously.

So those were my top 5 tips on making money on YouTube now!

3 Reasons Why Making Money on Youtube videos is easier…

Making Money on Youtube videos is easier than many other ways of making money on the internet.  Let’s face it – making money is not easy — not on the internet and not anywhere else.  Yet, it is easier to make money on Youtube videos than it is in many other ways. I am going to go over a three main reasons why.

For one thing, getting videos ranked in a Google search is far easier than getting text ranked. In his blog, Nate Elliot calculated that the chance of getting a Youtube video ranked on the first page of Google is about 50 times greater than the chance of getting a text page ranked on the first page of Google!!  While this calculation is now over three years old, I believe that the point it makes is still very much valid.

Another thing to consider is that most people who upload videos to Youtube are really doing just that.  They are uploading videos because they want to share something with friends or family, or because something is cool or witty or funny or whatever.  So most of these people do not optimize their videos for search engines. This is in contrast to many people who write text, who are very much interested in being found by search engines. They put in a lot more effort for optimizing their text pages.  So good for those of us here who want to make money on Youtube – there is much less competition there, especially for optimized videos.

Third, videos are easier to create than text.  Yup, you heard that right.  If you’ve never done this before, you may totally not believe it, but this is a fact.  Any of you who have created text-based web pages before know how time consuming it is to think of what to write, type it out, spell-check it, make sure everything is grammatically correct. Believe me, I know –  I am doing it right now!  Compare this now to simply taking your camera, or better yet, your phone, and taping a bit of video.  And I’ll let you into a little secret — you don’t even have to take any footage with a camera if you don’t want to…. you can still make money with Youtube!!  How, you ask?  Well, I can’t tell you everything I’ve learnt in a single post, right?  You just have to wait for that one!

I have spent a bunch of time with various strategies to make money on Youtube.  And I am planning to share them with you on this blog.  Hopefully you will gain a lot from it.  And hopefully, I will gain a lot from your comments, tips and stories. I think it’s going to be a great adventure.

Here’s to making money on Youtube!

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